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Sunday, August 29 . 11:23 AM

Hi guys!!! It has been a LONG LONG time since I lasted blogged... Haha, really very busy nowadays and now that my prelims are kind of over.. I can spend some time doing stuff and enjoy life.. :)

Anyways there is still A levels for me which begins on 8 Nov and ends on 29 Nov 2010. It's really near but I believe that I will do well in the exam and I really love my approach towards education now. It's more of understanding the concepts in my subjects rather than just cramping information in my brain. This approach towards studying really makes me a more knowledgable person and I can feel more secured as a person in my thoughts.

Hmm, life is really UNEXPECTED!!! Guess what... one month ago, I injuried my leg when I was playing volleyball in school. It still hasn't healed and I still have difficulty trying to walk properly.. sobz.. but I feel that it's because of this incident that really changed my personality... I am really optimistic now and I am even more determined to succeed in life and as a guy, I have to aim to be emotionally and financially stable throughout my entire life. This mishap is something that either breaks me as a person or make me a stronger person. I chose to persevere even if it hurts to walk on and go on in life. I really RESPECT all those disabled people in society because I was once a disabled person, not able to walk on both feet. On that day that my leg got injuried, I was sent to the hospital due to my inability to walk normally. My right leg was as good as useless and it couldn't support my body weight. I had to limp on one foot to move around. At the hospital, I sat on a wheel-chair. It was REALLY demoralising as it was my first time. It really feels damn saddening that you feel that you cannot walk normally as a person and that you have to rely on your friends to push you around... :( I felt really terrible inside-out. Luckily, the doctor said it was only a minor tear and strain in my thigh muscle. So it kind of healed and now I can walk on 2 legs:) But still have difficulty to walk fast or run. Can you imagine a day that you see people playing or running in the field and you know you just can't join them and have fun cause your legs don't allow you to? It's really so haiz... oh well...

It's due to that incident that I have grown to be a matured person in my thoughts and now I feel there's a new sense and purpose in life. The incident made me a stronger person and also a more emotionally -stable guy. I really love my family, friends and everyone around me. I feel loved and I want to share and spread my love to others. I am really enjoying everyday in my life as I believe that everyday is special and we MUST treasure everyday and also not take things for granted. Our limps are utmost importance and don't ever neglect them. These hands and legs are really important for the enjoyment of life and I am glad that I haven't lose a leg... THANK GOD!!!

Haha, now I am just focusing on my studies and I am aiming to enter NUS so that I can graduate with a degree. With this degree, I will be able to find a stable job so as to be financially stable and to also support my family and my future family:) YAY!!! I am doing something about my future as I believe that I will have a happy family in the future.... I believe I will be a really responsible and loving guy towards my girl and also understand her situations and to also help her if I can. I am ready for any challenges and I will remain strong and determined in life.

Anyways, I am really proud of Singapore! The entire YOG thingy was AWESOME!!!! 100% RESPECT!! Personally, I saw one olympic event and the closing ceremony held at the GORGEOUS Marina Bay area! I saw the atheletics event held at the Bishan stadium and what really triggered and inspired me to believe in the true olympic spirit was a girl running her 2000m run. It wasn't just an ordinary girl. On her 2nd lap, she fell down and hurt her legs. I guessed it was really bad and her legs were bleeding quite badly. However, she stood up and continued to run her last 4 rounds!!! It was truly respectable and I could see how determined she was to complete her race. At last, she finished the race about 1 min behind the 2nd last runner and I saw her collapsed after that. She couldn't walk and I could see her tears in her eyes... It was so touching and she really command my respect. :) This is called the can-do-it attitude and despite life's mishaps, never give up and persevere on.

I really loved the youth olympic flame as it really symbolises my heart within me. The constant burning of the spiral flame really is really inspiring and I am glad I managed to catch it 'live'. It is truly an honour to have seen the closing ceremony of this inaugural yog event and I believe that as Singaporeans, we will never forget that our country has hosted such a reputable international event.

Anyways, today is my dad's bday and my family celebrated his bday yesterday at Swensons!!! I really love my family's warmth and support and I will treasure these moments forever. Till then, take cares everyone and ya... I really hope that special someone meant for me is doing well and I wish her all the best in her life!!! Really hope you are ok and do take care of yourself k?
YOU CAN DO IT!!! Hahaz... You will always have never-ending support from me!!!

Jiayou and take care!!!

Leaving all of you guys out there a quote, 'The way to love anything is to realise that it might be lost anytime in life.'

hahaz... Love, Aldy :)

Friday, April 16 . 12:08 AM

Hi guys, I dont know if it's totally weird or not but I am actually gonna blog about something today...

It has really been a while since the last time I blogged in my very own blog! But yea, I feel happy to be in ACJC and really, I made lots of new friends and had many countless experiences in the school.
I really enjoyed the recent band concert at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (NUS) and it was the first MUSE concert of the year. It was really the first time that I actually had tears forming in my eyes during the 3rd mvt of the Third Symphony by James Barnes. The horn solo was damn emo and my friend really played it well. It really touched my inner-most feeling within and I truly enjoyed the performance. I really love making music and to express my music to others but when I sit down and truly ask myself....'Do I really have a strong passion in music? Do I mind playing the piano for abt 2-3 hours everyday? Am I really happy to commit myself to music? ' All these questions are really hard to answer and I dont really have the motivation and passion to practice piano everyday from 2-3 hours. I just love to make music but i admit I am lazy.

Until today, I still dont know my passion in life. I always wondered what will I be like in 10 years time, or after NS. What will I do? Will I pursue a music degree? University? Piano teacher? Haiz, I am just really confused with myself and I really dont know what to do in life. I am struggling in JC and my grades are quite bad. I really wanna do something about it but I am quite lazy and it really alarming that I am not doing anything about it. I try to study and do my homework but somehow, everything that I remember now will be forgotten in 2-3 days time. I really have poor memory. I am just emoing everyday....

And to add to my emoness, I have a crush on a girl in my school. She's really cute and amicable. She's really active and a happy joyful girl. I cant' really fully describe her but I feel that she stands out from the other girls I know in AC. Somehow, when i talk to her, I feel a sense of happiness and that nice feeling in me. But somehow, I noticed her for about 2 months already but I still hesitate to make the first move. I just feel that I'm not the one for her. Like there's a part of me that constantly tells me that I shouldn't go for that girl cause I just don't wanna harm her and to add stress to her life. It's just me. I am really an emotional guy and I do care for my friends. I really try my best to help and to the special girl like her.... The more I won't wanna harm her....

Haiz, life is weird. I really can sum my personalities.... I am caring, understanding, cheerful, loving and really, I wish that she will find the right guy in her life and will bring joy to her and her family....

Till then...

Take cares everyone...:)


Monday, June 1 . 4:53 PM

HAHA... Today is our 1st anniversary spent in our new house... 1 year have past... yea.. we stayed here since 1 june 2008...

Anyways, I will be going for ACJC choir concert later.. Guess what.. I almost FORGOT... damn blur nowadays... HMM, I wanna recommend something to you guys...

I watched this korean drama... Beethoven Virus... DAMN nice and meaningful... HAHA.. The show is about this girl, wanting to create an orchestra with her 300M won. But sadly, her money got swindled and she lost all her money. So she went around asking members of the public to join her orchestra. However, these members will not be paid, and they have to come for practices and to perform in the end. Many didn't bother to join. Du Ru Mi, the girl's name, found a trumpeter near her home, and decided to approach him. It wasn't easy to persuade him to join the orchestra. But in the end, he did. 

During the course, he liked Du-Ru-Mi (Principal Violinist). What really hit me is that Du-Ru-Mi looks like someone in the band... Soon, Du-Ru-Mi began to like the conductor. But the conductor was heartless and didn't accept her love, instead, he treated Du-Ru-Mi badly. Du-Ru-Mi continued to chase after her love, while the trumpeter's heart was badly hurt inside. 

Haha, but yea, it freed my mind from someone....after watching this show... Personally, I rate this show 9/10. One of the best dramas I ever watch...:):):)

Anyways, I will be camping in school for the next 3 days!! 3-5 June. :) Oh yar....People, pls come and support the AC band and the National MEP orchestra... Our concerts will be at...

ACJC band - 20 June 2009, 7.30pm, Victoria Concert Hall. Tickets priced at $12, $15.
National MEP orchestra - 23 July 2009, 7.30pm, Esplanade Concert Hall. No info yet for the tickets $...

To end off, I wanna say that ACJC choir ROCK man!! You guys pitched the chords really well.. E.g D flat major chord....HA... I give it a 9/10. You guys really make the college proud. :)

Really stressed nowadays... but I have to fight on.. 

bye :)

Friday, April 10 . 7:03 PM


Let's see what I have to do this weekend....:(:(:(
I've got h2 math hw to do, music composition, music harmony, music and math tests on monday, econs essay to do, gp package that has to be read, and to do PI (2nd submission)... SOBZ.... :(

I am really giving all i've got man! and I must handle so many things at one time.... 2 week of jc only leh.... 

HAHA, anyways guess what... next saturday is my sister's bday! 18 april :) HAHA, she will be 21 le! so cool can? Adult le leh... so fast sia... I still 16 nia...must go get her something special....

OH, something interesting happened on monday night....as I was sleeping.. I heard deegi's voice... yeah, it's true... I heard her singing to me.... some carol? dunno but yea, interesting... till today, I can still remember how she sounds like...:)

HMm, tmr got band prac...and dots la. Ben gave me a SUPER IMBIAH part for xylophone! crap sia... FREAKING HARD... the tempo is like 168 per crotchet and I have to play semiquavers for like 8 bars... LOLZ... My max speed now is about 125.... must continue to practice....AIMING for gold with honours, top band! :)

Ok gtg..bb


Friday, April 3 . 10:42 PM

Many things went ok this week....

FIRSTLY!!! Our band concert at Esplanade!!!! HAHA!!! What an interesting concert we gave on 31 march, 7.30-9.30pm.... The best part was the lorry ride to Esplanade... SO COOL CAN??? We were like seating in the open-air lorry... Then yea, when the lorry moves, the feeling is like wor...All our percussion instruments were on the lorry too.... Hmm, we almost died cause our lorry reversed and merely crashed into the bus behind... Heng sia....

ok, We manage to see the day and night views of the city skyline... AWESOME!!! Our lorry ride back to AC was more exciting... Cause our assistant conductor, Ben pooi.... volunteered to sit in the lorry with us... yea, we asked him to hold the chimes... HAHA! Yeap, on the expressway... the lorry jerked, causing us to 'jump up!' We were like??? SHOCKED!!! Dots.... Like riding roller coaster sia... :) oh ...and guess what...I didnt know ben got ltcl in clarinet... so cool..

The concert went quite well.... although my friends rating were... 7, 7.6, 6.5 and 8.... okok la... I must agree it wasnt AWesome... but hey, 4 months... 8 pieces? HELLO??? Isnt it commendable effort already??? Personally I will rate it 7/10. There were mistakes here and there... and I made mistakes too... :( At least my miss saigon solo was OK! PHEW.... scary sia...

I touched a STEINWAY AND SONS GRAND PIANO ON 31 MARCH 6pm!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!! The best grand piano in the world!!!! I was like???? WHAT??? The sound was damn SiCk.... Beautifully SICk... DAMN NICE... too nice to be true.... I played for abt 5 mins only....jeremy also played the steinway.... Esplanade concert grand leh!!! RARE RARE EXtrEMely Rare Opportunity sia!!!

Went to buy my new Graphic Calculator this week... SIANZ... Paid $74 for a TI-84 PLUS... it's the blue one... but the silver edition de.. HAIZ... CRAP LA.. I DAMN SAD YOU KNOW?? Downgrade...somemore must pay.. CRAP. DAMN SWAY... STUPID CROSS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!! ARHH!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(                   :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(                          :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

OKOK, hmm... I went to gym today...wor... thx to mark, johnson and samuel for their 'support' to guide me through their gym practices... okok... I am getting stronger !!! Got muscles haha... My aim is to do 10 pull ups by the end of the year... :):):) Devoting every friday of the week....4.30-6.30pm for gym training....

tmr got band le.... SYF in 33 days, my piano diploma exam in 32 days... Which also means.... 5 may, Piano exam... 6 may, band syf!!! LOL!!!!

see... I have NO life... no no no life.... mainly only study, band sleep.....study band sleep, study band sleep....and some other lame stuff i do in the week...

Ok... dont know why.. the image of her in my dreams keeps coming back... like she's there.... But somehow... something tell me that the girl that is meant for me is not a girl that i know in life yet...she's out there somewhere.... saw her writing journal entries... studying.. hardworking girl leh... I must also be a hardworking person too:) jiayou and take care wors, deegi!!! Misses....:)

Monday, March 30 . 10:07 PM

Hnm... Many things happened in the previous week!!! But sadly, I have no time to update my blog :(

Yeah, to sum up, ACJC is having a band concert at the Esplanade TMR!!!! YES PPL!!! TMR!!! OMG!!! Let's see... 21 hours time...HAHA..

Yeah, last friday, a japanese band came and performed EL CAMINO REAL with the AC band... it was cool and yea, It was a very enjoyable and memorial experience and I learnt a lot after that practice with them... OK, let the pictures do the talking while I go do my stuff le... so busy can??? :(

BYE! :)

(Deegi, take care wors!!! tsktsk... If you know who that person I am referring to.... :)

Sunday, March 22 . 10:46 AM



Cool pictures taken this week...The picture at the top looks cool... Hmm, do you guys see a heart shaped formed by the clouds???

8 Days to esplanade concert!!! OMG!!!! Damn scary... I still haven master all my parts yet... The chimes part in Harrison's dream damn annoying... Like tripet-minims in the bars... DOTS...must count like siao! 

OK... school's gonna start... 10 weeks man!!!! Dunno what's wrong with me.... something wrong with my mind.... now, the image of the girl in my dreams keep coming back to me... But everytime I think of her, it makes me feel happy... cause I know she's the one.... Wor...she's damn hardworking sia... I keep 'seeing her' writing some stuff in her journal.. doing hw... Probably my soul is there... seeing her by the window.... Dunno whether have I seen her in my life yet... All I can remember is that she doesnt wear spectacles and has a pony tail.... WOR....damn emo nowadays.... dunno why sia... Maybe because concert's coming??? SERIOUSLY... I spent like 48 hours solely this hols for band practices!!! We are really working hard for this concert... and other JC bands are concentrating on their SYF pieces le...Guess what... our band just sight reads the score... DIAO... We progress pretty fast sia..

OK, I need to get my new GC soon!!! my mom says that the sch is giving abt 40-50% discount... but it will still cost abt $100... haiz... damn SWAY sia... STUPID cross country... destroyed my shoe, my GC and my notes!!! Luckily my hp still safe and sound:)

Nothing much going on in my life... except that I have lost my voice.. :(

Friday, March 20 . 10:23 AM

Time to update my blog again!!! HAHA.... hmm, weekly affair i guess....

Ok, to start off... I have band from Mon-Thurs... 10-6pm.... sobz... So long hours, Hope it will pay off in the Esplanade concert man... We really put in effort de k.:)

So ya.. I haven't done my holiday hw yet... About halfway ba. Hmm...I dont know whether Jeremy wants me as his piano accompanist for his flute competition.. Cause I am a loser sight reader.. Like I have to sight read 3 grade 8 standards in a month.. Damn fast lor.. But i will try.. HAhA... Oh ya, In my life right... I never played piano for 4 hours straight. But i did it!!! from 2-6pm last sunday.. Cool sia. Piano, wor...seriously....it rocks!!! I really love the piano.... a wonderful instrument.

I dont wish to say this... but I dont know why... My heart's getting hurt again... cause of 24 march. Haiz, What to do sia... The more I try to forget, the clearer it gets. Wor.. painful la, It took me so long to forget... But everything comes back to my head again... WHY??? It is so HARD to forget someone??? I dont really understand what my mind and heart is thinking right now... really confused... Emotional downturn...

I got sick once, and now....gonna be sick again... HAIZ... Damn annoying. Life's so unexpected man. Things can go terribly wrong anytime. It has been 3 months already, but I feel that it just happened yesterday. This is SO wrong. Hurtful memories keep coming back to me... like... they are hurting me constantly... I cant do anything... I just have to keep myself occupied and to forget abt the past. It's not easy can. But yea, I feel much better now.. After saying what I feel inside. You all may think that I am like cRAZY?? but hey, I cant like say. OK, I will forget abt her...  Truth is, it's tough to forget someone that means a lot to you... 

Aiya, OK. time to go practice piano and do my hw le!! My dip quick study exam coming soon!!! Must go play random pieces le...

so ya, PLSPLSPLS...come and support me in the esplanade concert. I put in A LOT of effort and hope you guys out there will enjoy it:)



Saturday, March 14 . 11:24 PM

Greetings all!!! It's my honour to share with you guys my week....

Haha, firstly...I was sick on monday, 9 march.. so couldn't do PE. Wor, must run 2.4km leh...I heng sia... Hmm, I recovered on like wed...

Things are getting a little out of hand... Got a lot to catch up le. Geography I am blur....:( Math still kind of okok... But tell you guys something...Everyday right...I am looking forward to band practice man....Serious! I really love band...so fun :)

Oh ya, A levels results are out... 205 ppl got at least 3h2s distinctions in Ac.. 22% of the cohort ... And ya, the principal said....'A pupil entered AC with an L1R5 of 16, and scored 5 distinctions in the A levels'. Everyone was like...WHAT??? Deep down in my heart, I know it's possible. It gave me even more motivation. :)

HAha...currently, I am duetting with my friend, Jeremy... Who is a Flautist is the band...Eh, He is good man! Pursuing Diploma in Flute and grade 8 in piano. Pro sia...2 instruments leh!!! :)
Our piece now is... Francis Poulenc Sonata for Flute and Piano. !st mvt... Go listen...it's cool! 

I had piano practical lesson with Mrs.teoh...Ya, she's a good teacher...So long never have piano prac liao... But yea, must train my sight reading sia!!! My exam coming soon....sobz...:(

Being bombarded with lots of 'HOLIDAY' hw...wor...really no live sia...Guess what...I have band prac practically EVERYDAY DURING THE MARCH HOLS!!! from 10-6pm!!! DOTS....Hmm, I feel nervous man....Our esplanade concert is just around the corner...31 March!!! And I still haven master my parts yet!!! Miss saigon...I got like a starting solo part....damn scary!!!! LOL...The fate of that piece is in my hands man... STRESSED STRESSED....

oh...I failed GP, 14/30 and Also failed MUSIC!!! scoring only 10.5/40. LOL...Only 1 person passed...which is HAn!!! He is pro man... haiz, the rest all fail....:(

HA... the hs-lookalike doesnt really bother me anymore... Cause maybe I have already gotten over her completely le.... Painful times....  yea, a heart-wrenching lesson that I have learnt in life... JC, a good excuse...whatever.... I believe that a girl out there is meant for me...I will be waiting for her...always and forever.... I will be hers... What's meant to be, will be...

oh enough of EMo stuff...moving on...I love swim pe!!! so fun..though there's only 4 guys and many girls in the beginner category...I have problems breathing in the water...as in taking in air when I am swimming...dunno why sia... OK, I am damn noob... paddle around .. so funny sia... I super noob in swimming...But I have the willingness to learn how to swim properly!!! :)

Ok. today I went to watch a concert at Yong siew toh NUS....Leon Fleisher with the Conservatory Orchestra. Quite interesting and rather intriguing. A conductor is also a pianist at the same time...imagine that! Yea, it is possible!! To conduct an orchestra and at the meantime, play the piano:) AWEsome right??? HAha... yea, There was like a double piano concerto... Not bad... All the mep ppl had to go... So at least I have ppl to talk to :)

Oh, Han sent me and my sis back home today...wor cool sia! 18 years old, got car....:) He sent jasmine to Dover mrt first...then Pei yi at ghim mo... and lastly...me and my sis at tiong....Though Han had problems sending us back.... but yea. thanks HAN!!! :)

PLSPLS ppl!!! whoever can come on 31 march right... pls contact me k?? I need to sell 3 more tickets!!! thanks!!!

HA. the best is Yet to be!!! 

cya next week... Meanwhile, Those who have 'holidays right' GOOD!!!! And take care !!!


Sunday, March 8 . 10:49 AM

Hi....anyways, this week got a bit worse than previous weeks..

Firstly, I am starting to get a little sick!!! Got running nose and sore throat... sobz, sianz la... damn freaking pain..

Ok, guess what ppl.. hahaz, I got an award for being the top in music O levels in queensway... LOL sia.. the only one that takes music, then get top.. hahaz, but A1....giving queensway an average MSG of 1.0 for music. That's perfect score sia! :) ahahaz, I gonna receive my award on 17 April... 

Hmm, talking abt studies in Ac now... haiz, GP is freaking hard sia! I dont even understand the comprehension passage... so chim...Then for math, HAHA, I am the Math rep. :) so yea, supposing subject rep should be very good in their respective subject.. but I am a noob in math, especially A math.

Ok, moving on...oh ya. Swim pe!!! so fun.. I went to beginner category... so fun, I learnt how to swim properly... like the way to kick the legs and stuff.. But yea, I little embarrassing... cause there were like 15 girls and 4 guys... We were like...er.er.er....

Anyways, I prefer swim pe than land pe. I really hate mass pe sia.. Must run 800m, Do 60 push -ups, run 2km... blah blah blah... freaking tired de... oh well...

Hmm, band yesterday was horrible... we went through the whole repertoire, I died in my solos!!! O.o... My starting of miss saigon was like... DOTS, I was rushing and stuff.. the whole band got lost cause of me... ok, sorry... I will learn from my mistakes :)

It's gonna get hell worse man!!! Oh yar, before i go right... PLSPLSPLS ppl!!! I need to sell another 3 more tickets for our ACJC concert at the Esplanade on 31 march, 7.30pm!!! Pls come and support me wors... :) thanks... interested parties, sms me or something... OK? HAha

till then.. bye! Do take care of your health wors... Dont fall sick like I did.

Friday, February 27 . 7:12 PM


This week was HORRIBLE!!! Guess what man... MY GRAPHIC CALCULATOR IS SPOILT!!!! OMG!!!!

Acjc had their cross country last wednesday, 25 feb 2009. We had to report to Bishan Park for the 3.3km mass run... I didnt bother to participate in the competitive run cause AC have many good runners!! Damn hard to get top 100 de... so yea, after sch, we had to go there... I went with my OG and yea, took us more than an hour to reach... we were all lost man... LOL!!! We practically walked half of bishan park just to get to the reporting place... Siao la... abt 2km walk sia... HAHA, still we manage to get there... but we freaking late! Oh well, attendance not taken for me... sadly...

Hmm, so I left my bag and my file under the tent...with the rest... Soon, the mass run began...I ran with my OG... haha, so funny la... It became more like a mass WALK... LOL. People were all walking... LALALA... DOTS.. We walked for abt 5mins.. then it started to drizzle.. Quickly, we seeked shelter... but yea, the AC ppl say we cannot rest there, must continue... oK lor...

Then after walking for another 5 mins, rain came POURING down!!! and guess what... it was DAMN FREAKING COLD!!! I was shivering ...BADLY?? So i thought of 'fire' in front of me... so I will feel a little better... yea, all of us. AC CRUSANDERS (ARchilles) got together and we stomped through the rain... cool exp leh.. but yea, I was wet from head to toe... my shoes were also SOAKed! 

There was lightning ... One of those, almost struck me sia... SO close! I saw a quick flash! The thunder was DEAFENING! but something really surprised me... is that even through it was pouring ... an AC teacher still took a pic of our OG in the shelter... her camera died later... Damn touched by her... 

So yea, all of us all waited for the STUPID rain to stop... I was thinking... OMGOMGOMG!!! My bag!!! My wallet, handphone GC!!! SHIT! DIE!!! I knew that my gc is dead... but yea, I couldnt wait for the rain to stop, so yea, ran back to the reporting place and somehow, our bags were transferred to the HDB blocks across the road... There, THERE WAS CHAOS! Everyone was frantically searching for their bags.. me too... ! MY BAG!!!! i searched round and round... then I found my bag!!! Thank god! But where's my file? Hmm, took me a while longer just to find my file back....

I searched my bag for my wallet and phone.... They were safe.... and then ... It was my GC... I opened it... and guess what... IT HANGed... F***! Seriously... WT*. OMG! I took out the batteries and yea, it was BLANK! I pressed the ON key many many times.. It didnt respond.. DAMN IT! It's spoilt! **** LA. Must go buy another one sia... $176 leh! Maybe it may cost $190! And guess what... my notes!!! They became WET and with mud... CRAP LA! 

But my friend, she lost her skirt. Inside it included her wallet and her phone... gosh, it was missing... I really hope she will find back her wallet and her hp. So yea, MY GC IS DEAD. My h2 math gonna be screwed!

But yea, h1 geog getting a bit blur... must go read the notes... GP, hmm bad.... PW dunno.... H2 music ok.. H2 math, a but blur... H2 econs ok...CLB... LOL...damn fun! We watching monkey god! HAHA....

okok la.. I love ac.. so fun and damn freaking challenging.... oh yar... everyday thursday we have swim PE... I volunteered to enter beginner! HAHA. I am noob in swimming... so they will start teaching me from scratch. :)

Ok la...laugh ppl.. I dont swim well.. I can only swim to end to end of the swimming pool with a stupid method.. No proper method, and I also can float on water.. so fun! :)

oh... today's founder's Day in AC.. I played for the band... Which includes the glockenspiel, crash cymbals and the bass drum...ya ... I know I dont produce a nice crash sound (Bright sound) but I will learn! :)

So yea, we went to botanic gardens today and I also a noob in frisbee! LOL... oh yar... I may be duetting with jeremy, my bandmate, in some competition.... Flute and piano accompaniment. So cool can? He is pro man.. Going grade 8 in piano and DipABRSM in flute! AWESOME sia... haha... so yea, nice experinence... duetting with a flautist. :)

Hmm, somehow I am emoing these days... Just wondering what's motivating me now to study... But yea, Deep down in my heart... I keep telling this to myself. In my life, there is a girl out there that will be waiting for me... someday she will appear before my very eyes... and now, all I can do is to study hard to enter NUS... What's meant to be yours, will be yours. :)

ok, dont know why la... the more I write, the more I remember... OK tell you guys something... There is someone that looks like my X in AC... Her image makes my heart and feelings hurt badly... It reminds me of her... And to add on.. she is in my h2 econs tutorial group! YIKES!!! oh well.....

Moving on... hmm band have abt 1 month more to the concert at the Esplanade!! Gosh, I have like 20-30 more practices??? Ok, must give a good performance man!!!!

Hmm ppl...go watch this EXTRAORDINARY BRILLANT video!!! It's about youths in the world. 

So yea, to end off this longgggggg post... I wanna say something!!! Please buy a band ticket from me!!! I need to sell at least 10!!! Tickets are priced at $20 or $25. Thx! :)

Strive to achieve your personal GOALS in life and The Best Is Yet To Be


Friday, February 20 . 7:46 PM

haha... Hi ppl!! Long time never update liao...

But yea, I had 1 week in acjc... attending lectures and yea, I really love going to ac man... so fun... I made many new friends and now, I have a proper class... 1AA5. Haha... yea, I love my class...and not forgetting my own Orientation group (OG). We are united and some are very enthusiastic.. and my class has only 17 ppl.. 12 girls and only 5 GUYS!!! gosh..

Hmm.. Band prac make me a fuller ACSian and that it makes me happy man... serious.. Though sometimes it's rather stressful but yea, I enjoy myself in band... tmr have BANd! :)

Ok... what the... i saw my timetable today....got only 2 periods of econs a week!! that's only 40 mins of lecture!!! And 10 periods of MEP!!! Siao la.. What's going on sia... But will noe my confirmed timetable on next monday..

I believe that I will do well and that I must put in my very best in everything I do... I know that I have a good future ahead... working towards it... believe in yourself... yea...

hahaz... Hmm, I really love ac choir also.. so cool...they really sing the national anthem everyday! I really appreciate it man... Hope that for this year's SYF, Ac band and choir will get Gold with Honours! Yea.. GO AC!

Gtg study for math, geog and econs le... Busy busy...

haha...cya bloggy..


Saturday, February 14 . 11:45 PM

The receipt!!! :)

Acjc concert band will be performing these concert pieces at the Esplanade...


Hahaz, currently...I'm very busy now.. so yea, may update this blog post next time... Anyways.. I went out with 9 guys today!! HAHA...LOL, I must say... but yea, it was an unforgettable experience... 

The 10 ppl are... Daud, Qi Yao, LZY, KZY, helmi, varun, shao wei, tang, minh and me...HAHA. We spent a total of $256.10!!! Nice one la..I ordered soft shell crab spaghetti. DAMN NICE MAN!! I rate it 8.5/10! Though a bit X, $15.90.

so yea, GUESS WHAT... I got my desired subject combi in A levels!!!

H1 Geog
H2 Econs
H2 Math
H2 Music

YEAH! Nice man...hey, it's damn cool can? I can go library to study and also go for music lessons in my own school... wor.. so blessed...:)

So anyways... really busy nowadays sia.. JC LIFE!!! HAHA...just the beginning nia.. There's more to come...

oh ya.. before I end off... I wanna know if anyone is interested to buy AC band tickets!!! Cause I need to sell at least 10! 4 $25 tickets and 6 $20 tickets. Hmm, I will collect the money from you first, then issue the tickets to you on a later date.. :)

Friday, February 6 . 6:27 PM

Yo... hahaz, guess what.. I received acjc call on thursday, 11am...

So yea, went to ac and had to decide whether or not to take up their offer, cause I really wanna take h2 music sia... But yea, until now....not confirmed at all... haiz... I did all I can le.. 

Anyways..Wor...I had to make a very difficult choice... To either take SP or Acjc... But in the end, I made my decision.. Acjc is my dream school. And now I can make it reality.. So yea, I went to SP and get their signature and stamp, and there goes...my sp banking diploma...

Hmm, I went to school today! My first day at Ac as an official student there... I was so blur can...dunno where to go sia... then I waited outside the hall till I met one of my band friend. Wor seh... you know how they sing national anthem? With the help of the Acjc choir sia!!! GOSH!!! Their choir sound damn awesome sia.. I love the national anthem more...:)

Ok, anyways.. went to attend 5 lectures today... Math, Chem, Physics, GP and Econs... The interesting ones are math, gp and econs only... Haha...

I went to the mep talk.. and I had to take a diagnostic test... play a piece and do a test... Crap la...I not used to the piano... Cannot express properly... and the test.. forgot to hear and revise... LOL.. I scored 10/20 for the test.. CRAP... Haiz.. it's over... Maybe cant take h2 music le.. So poor... and the teacher dont really like me at all... She finds me a little irritating at times...cause I am so eager to take music.. then she like cannot stand it... 

So yea.. My desired subject combination...

1st choice) H1 Geography
                    H2 Economics, Mathematics and Music

2nd choice) H1 Geography
                     H2 Economics, Mathematics and Chemistry

Haiz. I never attend any orientation at Ac.. I am so lonely there.. Like so little ppl i know de... Less than 10 i guess... Haiz, sat at the canteen eating lunch today alone... ppl were like staring at me... haiz... lonely...

Today they had campfire.. at 6pm to 10.30pm. My orientation group leader asked me to come.. I didnt wanna go cause apparently during the campfire, we must dance with a partner and also mass dancing...  Dey, I dont even know any dance moves and I was freaking tired.. Somemore, tmr have whole day of band prac.. Haiz. never meet new friends... Dont even know who is in my group sia... Damn anti-social... 

Whatever la... I seriously damn sad already.... Although I entered Ac but I dont think I can take my desired subject combi... Still, I will work hard in whatever subject I take...Show them what a 18 pointer can do. :)

P.S HAHA, Acjc really got a lot of chio bu... :)

Hmm, good luck JC ppl!!! And ACSians!!! :)

Let's work hard together and may we see one another in the local Universities!!! 

Oh yar...b4 I end this blog post... I wanna say something...

ACJC band will be having a concert at the Esplanade on 31 March. Tickets are priced at $20 & $25. Interested parties, do contact me ASAP. Thx!!! :)

I will be performing...haha.. So do come and support me wors!!! :)

Wednesday, February 4 . 3:22 PM

Prac abt 2 hrs of piano today... yea, can play a bit better le... haha, so boring at home sia... Nothing to do... Must find things to do, oh yar.. Yesterday night, I tried 1 of my sis rjc GP paper... WTH! I dont even know the meaning of the qns man.. Only can solve one. HAHA. OMG!!! My english really sucks... Their gp paper the english so PRO. Some words I never see before.. 

Gosh, jc is gonna be a tough life for me... But I know that if you work hard, it's ok. LOL. I heard H2 math is damn hard... PPl with A2 for Amaths at O levels, can get F for H2 math... GOSH! I got B3!!! diao... Still, I will take H2 math... cause I need a contrasting subject ma... 

Hmm, called acjc today...they say that if your appeal is successful, they will call you by friday. If not, they will send you a letter... Ok, hope that I will get a ac call soon..:)

12.20pm post...

Hi ppl!! Hahaz, waiting for acjc to call me... yawn, 3 days le... Still no calls...But yea, I am looking for a job, wor seh. I saw a classified ad today, $7 an hour sia. Good pay man! But apparently, they do not answer phone calls. Haiz, oh well..

Anyways, my dipAb piano quick study seminar is postponed to 24 march, 2-4pm. LOL. 24 march is a special day to someone.. hmm well. I dont really wanna say who. Just Pure coincidence.. I really wanna get that dip cert sia. Passed 2 sections liao... Haha, but damn freaking slow... 2 years le..

Anyways.. kuok loon, daud and gang.. good luck in your job man!!! HAHA!!! :) sorry, cant join you guys now cause i dont know whether acjc accepting me or not... 

Playing piano later...

Cya! :)

Tuesday, February 3 . 5:01 PM

Hmm, practised piano for abt 1hr30mins today..

Expressed all my emotions in my pieces...wor seh, feel damn good sia!!! Piano ROCKS man...PPL!!! Seriously... I really really love the piano....what a COOL musical instrument, though I am a lousy pianist... haha but still, nice one...

Still waiting for acjc call, haiz... Heard that acjc already called 2 band ppl le... They entered acjc liao... many appealing ppl haven receive any news from acjc also... Dont know when are they gonna call me... Missing so many orientation days le... All I can do now is to practice more piano sia... improve my sight-reading... HAha... I sight read 3 grade 6 pieces le.. not bad, can play after 30mins... haiz, damn slow sia... Must play more pieces... 

Meanwhiles...hope I can enter acjc... if not banking diploma is also good... :)

Hmm, currently..I am looking for a job... About $5 an hour and above... Poly starting on 20 April. So got 2 and a half months holidays... Haiz, nothing to do at home.. So bored nowadays...seeing so many ppl going jc attending their orientation programme planned for them, and me...just wishing to be there...

oh well... I have so many days to spare... Hmm, if anyone got job vacancy right...tell me hor!!! While I continue to check Classified for jobs around Tiong Bahru area... Not bad...at least I will start to earn my own money... :)

Meanwhiles, have fun everyone .. 

Monday, February 2 . 10:12 PM

Hmm, There are many things that I wanna say here...

Today..I was so anxious waiting for Acjc to call me...I waited and waited...Nothing... No calls.. so ya..I practice my whole Dipabrsm piano recital today...abt 1h30mins...then practice band piece, Harrison's Dream for 45 mins....

After spending time with the piano....yawn, still no calls.. Went to play computer games le... But well, just damn freaking bored at home...How I wish I was at Acjc orientation... So I left house at 5 plus to go for band prac... 

As I entered acjc school gate, I saw all those new Jc1s...they were having so much fun...and I was just feeling leftout... lalala.. walking to the band room... Then I heard someone from band already receive phonecall from acjc... and yea, they say that if I person receive..all should receive le...

I knew it was bad news... cause I didnt receive anything...oh well, yeah..I knew that they wouldnt accept me...haiz, L1R5-18 leh... so damn freaking lousy...  moreover, I dont think I can even take h2 music if I enter acjc...  Defeats my purpose of entering acjc.

But really...many ppl will think that I am just wasting time at acjc... in the end, also cannot enter... But really, after attending so many acjc band practices, I really improved a lot... I know how to play mallets correctly... but oh well... 

Anyways..probably going to SP le...! Banking & Financial Services man!!! WOHOO!!! My 1st poly choice...I know that if I enter poly/jc, I must aim to enter the local unis... Seriously... many ppl will advise me to go poly cause my english sucks... GP sure suffer de..

True la... when the ac band teacher said to me... How can you convince me that you will work hard if you enter Acjc?? I knew I cant really say much... next, explain your lousy O level results. I was speechless...

Hmm, still dont underestimate 18 pointer... I will work hard in poly, make it to local uni and get a degree. This is my AIM. and no one will stop me. :)

Dreams...that will never come true... Believing in myself and yea, strong motivation to study...:)
Before I end off, just wanna say something... For those who are in JCs... Have fun in your JC orientation days!!! 


Saturday, January 31 . 8:21 PM

YO ppl!!!

I have some great news to share with you guys!!! Guess what...I am accepted by Acjc!!! My dream school!! Gosh, I really have nothing to say...just speechless....HAHAz..

Anyways...haiz, monday start school leh..so sianz.. but still...ACJC leh...hahaz...Hmm, I really hope I will take my subject combination leh... Especially h2 music... Cause music is something that I have love and passion in...It will be a lost to me if I cant take music at Acjc..

Hmm, went to Plaza Singapura to buy my new pair of drumsticks...! $17.70. So nice, I simple love my new drumsticks...these guys are gonna be my 'close friends' in Acjc...HAHA.. Anyways...really, school gonna start for me, and before I go right...

Wishing everyone, good luck for those who will be starting JC !!! Jiayou!! Study hard wors...:)


Friday, January 30 . 1:44 PM

Yo ppl...haha, anyways...today I got my posting result..

And guess what...I was posted to Banking & Financial Services at Singapore Poly. My 2nd choice and also my 1st poly course...HAHA!!! Although last year DBF COP was 11. I got 12 after bonus for ELR2B2. Damn HENG... :)

Hmm, anyways..I went to appeal to ACJC today..and you know what... I was the 195 applicant! SIAO LA.. 11.30am ONLY LEH...Imagine how many applicants will ACJC receive sia...I think about 500...But still, my appeal got advantage...cause I joined acjc band ma... Haiz...I now only worry that if I enter ACJC...cannot take H2 Music... Sianz..Here are my Desired subject Combination that I wanna take if I enter ACJC..

H1 General Paper
H1 Project Work
H1 Geography
H2 Economics
H2 Mathematics
H2 Music
Chinese B

Yeaps...and yea, both routes that is in front of me right now..and good... 1 is a Diploma in Banking & Financial Services, the other is ACJC (ARTS)... hahaz, meanwhiles..

GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!! May we be successful in the future...

HAHA, for those we are entering JC right...you have..let's see..3 more DAYS nia!!!! Must treasure these days wors...School reopening le..


Wednesday, January 28 . 12:09 AM

Ello ppl!!!

Anyways, today, my family and I went to Johor Baru(JB)... 

Wor seh, today movie marathon man...Watched 2 movies... Inkheart and Wedding Game...

Hmm, Inkheart okok la...Quite a lot of action parts... But yea, overall not fantastic... I rate it 6.5/10... Wedding game worst.. Not very funny...and a bit ...nvm.. But in the story..I saw many things that touches my heart...and yea, reminds me of someone special to me... They had many experiences together and found out many aspects of their partner...I didnt have that chance but well, I almost cried at times cause I felt happy for them.. So yea, was emo-ing in the cinema... Overall, rather boring...so I rate it only 6/10. Changeling is the best movie man!!! Seriously... I rate it 9/10. You ppl should really watch Changeling if you haven!!! :) Great, great movie...

Hahaz, really nothing to say le...but Anyways...Wishing all of you...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! May we all achieve our dreams and all thes best in whatever things we do!!! 

What's meant to be yours, will eventually be yours... what's meant not to be yours, will never be yours..

oh ya...I have an interview at ACJC at 3.10pm on thursday...wor seh... A bit nervous.. but still, I will do my best!!! Hahaz...

Meanwhiles.. have fun ppl!!! For those going to JC right...You only have...let's see...1 week of holidays...and..For those who are going to poly..you have 2 months plus more holidays!!! HAHA!!!


Friday, January 23 . 11:08 PM

Hi ppl...anyways, today I went to school...queensway sec ... haha..

I arrived at sch at abt 11am...then walked around aimlessly...waiting for the Chinese New Year concert to start... So yea, I went to band room and saw Ms Lee... She asked me where I was heading after sec sch.. I said maybe acjc or sp.. Yea, band has taught me many values in life...

Anyways, I went to watch the concert and guess what... In the history of Queensway sec, it was the first time that a student conductor is conducting the concert band...haha, yea, the band sounded better than i thought... so yea, not bad ...

Hmm, after that, we went to hawker to eat lunch, daud and ching keat went too... We plan to play pool after that... lalala... 

The pool games was like LOL...I was like missing so many balls...GOSH... Played like shit... everything miss... white ball keep entering... LOL... I wasnt playing properly though...cause I was feeling down today...damn dissappointed and annoyed... Girls are complicated, i guess... Sometimes being so understanding, ppl may call you irritating...haiz, whatever...cant do anything..

So we went to Plaza Sing to eat dinner... Daud went to play his jukebox, and guess what.. I really love his 1st song of the game... I really want the song sia.. Hmm, we ate a BK...yea, I have to agree that BK burgers ROCKS... seriously, they melt in your mouth...It just taste better!!! HAHA!!!

It was getting late, so we headed back home... Yawn, another day has past...Life goes on...

Let's think it this way... Everyone is different and we must learn to forgive and to forget...


Wednesday, January 21 . 11:52 AM

Hi ppl!!!

Anyways, yesterday I had a great time with my friends...We went to watch Changeling and played arcade at Plaza Singapura.

So we meet at 2.30pm, everyone came...hahaz, justina asked alvan to come also...So there were Divaagar, Daud, Alvan, Justina, dayana and me...  We booked the tickets for Changeling (3.30pm) show.

We went to play arcade...haiz sianz, I lost to Alvan in mario cart Twice!!! So sad can... So close...anyways, it was fun... We then continued to play other games... Oh yar, daud, I really love your touch-touch game...your 1st song!!! so nice...

It was abt 3.30pm, so we went to watch the movie...wah, I tell you ar,,,the movie is damn nice...There is a twist to the plot...gosh, cool man...Personally I really pity mrs collins...the main actress...At times, I almost cried for her... saddening. I didnt know it was that difficult just to find her son back... sad case....really pityful.

I rate Changeling 9/10. It is worth your time...seriously. :) Do watch it !!!

Justina, dayana and alvan had to go home after the show.. so left only me, daud and diva...we went back to arcade...and saw a pro guy playing bubbles...ok la, I admit he is pro..He completed level 20, while I died at level 14. yea, he comfirm play many times de. cause he knows some tricks...I dont even know at all.

Daud went to play touch touch...his first game I was like...wor seh...cool man... But he got a B. sad I never seen him getting an A. But anyways, we went to kopitiam to eat. I ordered my favourite. Sliced fish noodles... and yea, daud ordered black carrot cake....quite spicy and kind of sucky.. weird la, the dish..divaagar ordered fried fish with rice...i think so...anyways, divaagar damn lucky. He picked up a free pizza voucher at Swensons at Jurong east mrt station...so cool la...So we went to Swensons to redeem the free pizza...got a seafood pizza...yea, it was nice, but pizza hut pizzas are nicer!

Then, they ordered ice cream. I was full le..So I didnt want to get ice cream. Diva gave me a scoop of coffee ice cream...yea, it was nice... :) The bill came...and guess what... Total amount. $0.00. OMG! I was like.. WHAT???? $o.oo??? Siao le.. then that person said...it was because we were dining with the free vouchers thing... but diva and daud knew they had to pay for the ice creams...it wasnt free la... Buy 1 get 1 free... meaning the bill should be $6.80. Aiya, the bill zero, then we all just byebye..leave the restaurant... haha, I also never buy any ice cream.. so technically, diva and daud benefitted. nice one la. free pizza and ice creams at Swensons...LOL!
Seriously...it was my first time seeing a bill with $0.00. HAHA :)

Anyways, it was 9 pm liao. We all took the mrt home...Upon leaving, I started at the place near Yamaha music school....it brings back memories... nvm, I wont elaborate.. I will hurt me. I have to be strong and to study hard in the future... :)  

Haha, I gtg for band prac at acjc later...Got some professional percussionist coaching us later, teaching us rudiments... wor, damn scary...:(

Hmm, that's all for today...cya soon!!! And remember, do take cares and all the best! :)

Sunday, January 18 . 10:39 AM

Hi people...Anyways, after much thought, I feel that there is no point regretting...

I have made up my mind...To continue working hard to achieve my dream. I will not be a loser, and I am determined to get better results next time... So what if my results now suck, it still doesnt determine my future man...Let's start working hard now, there is still time...

There will be many routes to choose in life, if I choose the hard way, then I must work hard... ok, enough of talking....I should reflect and think through carefully my past actions...and to improve....not making the same mistakes again...:)

Anyways, I am fine le, do take cares ppl... This route will be a very tough one for me...but so what, I will do it!!! :)

I will always remember something... If you believe that you will make it, then you will... When there's a will, there's a way... It applies to everything in life... :)